Laura’s Bridal Portraits

I had a very specific location in mind for Laura’s bridal portraits. A few weeks earlier, while exploring my new city, I’d happened upon a gorgeous mesquite brush clearing outside Austin. The area will be developed for real estate at some point, but at the moment it’s perfect. And it certainly doesn’t hurt to have such a gorgeous bride.

Laura Bridal

Laura Bridal

Laura Bridal

Laura Bridal

Laura Bridal

#50x50Project Day 18 & 19

saint chappelle

Day 18: Beautiful wall finishes at Sainte-Chapelle, Paris


Day 19: Barcelona stools at the reconstructed Barcelona (German, Mies) Pavilion, Barcelona

#50x50Project Day 16 & 17

Sacre CoeurDay 16: Sacre Coeur, top of Montmartre in Paris

LouvreDay 17: Entrance to the Louvre

#50x50Project Day 15

50x50 day15

Day 15: Day 1 of our trip to Paris and Barcelona. This day was all travel, so here is a shot of Ted’s beer at the Houston airport Chili’s.

#50X50Project Day 14

50x50 day14

Day 14: Austin Capitol View Corridor

#50x50Project Day 13

50x50 day13

My favorite piece of furniture: A 1950s Meredew (British) lacquered dresser that somehow made it to a flea market in rural Louisiana.

Cameron’s Senior Portraits

Cameron will graduate (as valedictorian!) from Eunice High this year. We headed to his school and Washington, Louisiana for his senior portraits. His lovely girlfriend Katie even jumped in for a few. Best of luck to Cameron, who is headed to Tulane University this fall.







#50x50Project Day 12


Laura agreed to pose for some post-wedding bridal portraits over the weekend. We found a beautiful spot in the west Austin mesquite brush and shot away. This is my favorite so far, with a 50mm lens and no cropping for #50×50.

#50x50Project Day 11


This guy.

#50X50Project Day 10


This manatee, along with several others scattered through the halls by an anonymous well wisher, got us all through finals. I took this about an hour after my final review, when I suddenly remembered my camera.

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