Wheatley Interior

You don’t often see a school with such a great quality of light. Each classroom inside Wheatley originally was lit from two sides. The glass was later replaced with a mixture of opaque and translucent panels. Many of those panels are broken or gone now, so the light is beginning to return to its original state.

Wheatley Cafeteria

Wheatley Classroom

Wheatley View

Wheatley View

Wheatley Cafeteria

Classroom with wall shelfWall Shelves

Original Wheatley post here: Phyllis Wheatley Elementary

Read more about the building and efforts to save it here: DoCoMoMo


3 thoughts on “Wheatley Interior

  1. This building, while not old enough to be considered “historic” is as much an important a part of the vernacular of new orleans architecture as any brick building with wood floors, iron work and old shutters. This is the future of the history of New Orleans – it shouldn’t be torn down!!

    Look in any Dwell or modern architecture magazine and you will see this type of modular design in all of them. Charles Colbert paved the way for what we consider modern today and that in itself is a testament to how timeless the design of this school is!

  2. The dark shot looking into the blue room is my fave, though that clear shot of the truss in the second shot is really cool in describing how the building works. Nice.

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