Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church

Preventing a demolition can be a long and drawn-out process, so it isn’t hard to forget just how quickly one can be lost. The Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church on Prytania and Josephine caught fire around 8:30 PM January 7. The building had been up for sale for years along with a two-story house next to it, which also burned. The two had been vacant since Hurricane Katrina despite citations for code violations. The six-alarm fire burned through the night as over 100 fire fighters worked to control it and protect the surrounding buildings.


Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church

The church still smoldered Saturday morning. As the city conducted a quick arson investigation, Mayor Landrieu discussed options for salvage with preservationists on site. Demolition prep work began around 8:30.

Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church

Prytania House

Church Demolition




Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church



Most of the demolition took place Saturday evening. The church was reduced to a relatively stable base. Zara’s staff brought a tv out to the sidewalk so that the crowd gathered on the corner could catch the Saints game.

Church Demolition

And a week or so later, both buildings were gone.

Prytania and Josephine


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