#50x50Project Day 12


Laura agreed to pose for some post-wedding bridal portraits over the weekend. We found a beautiful spot in the west Austin mesquite brush and shot away. This is my favorite so far, with a 50mm lens and no cropping for #50×50.


#50x50Project Day 11


This guy.

#50X50Project Day 10


This manatee, along with several others scattered through the halls by an anonymous well wisher, got us all through finals. I took this about an hour after my final review, when I suddenly remembered my camera.

#50x50Project Day 9


This was my view for 5 straight days, and this is why I haven’t posted a 50×50 photo in 10 days. Time to catch up!

#50x50Project Day 8


I stayed home working on final projects today, so I shot Basha again. All this modeling is going to her head.

@50x50Project Day 7

50x50 Day 7

Building models are popping up in every nook and cranny in the architecture building. Time for finals!

@50x50Project Day 6


Very windy today!

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